Monday, April 6, 2009

A really late update

I am really not good at updating my blog! Wow I haven't updated since Koh Tao! That is a while ago!


Here is a short summary of the rest of the trip in Asia:
After KOH TAO we continued to another Island called KOH PHANGAN! We traveled up north to the island to a beach called BOTTLE BEACH! We stayed there for a couple of days spending our days in the sunshine and having a great time!
Our next destination was KOH PHI PHI where we spent our days with 2 French girls! We did of course go to MAYA BAY which is the famous beach from the movie "The Beach"! Maya and I also went diving and it was amazing there! We saw sharks (20 or so and I was so SCARED!!), we also saw an octopus, lion fish, nemo fish and so many other types of fish! It was great!

After island hopping in Thailand we crossed the border to Malaysia! we spent some days in Kuala Lumpur. We were up in the Petronas Towers and KL towers.. We ate lots of good food and did some shopping!
Then we went to the Perhentian Islands and stayed there for 8 days or so! it was so great! So sunny and GREAT! We got to know two girls: Stina (a Swede) and Taz (an Australian). and we spent our days with them while they were there! We had So much fun! After they left we stayed and we had one sunny day before it started raining! The locals on the island said that this was the type of rain that they had during the monsoon! Lucky huh :P anyway we stayed a couple of days more due to there not being any bus seats left and that we were hoping that the rain would go away.. We took the bus back to Kuala Lumpur and were there a couple of more days..

Then we crossed the border to SINGAPORE. This place was expensive! But we still managed to do some fun stuff! The two of us and a Swedish girl (Emily) that we met on the bus to Singapore, went to the zoo :D

After spending a couple of days in Singapore we took a plane to Bangkok! Where we stayed in my fathers colleague’s apartment! That for us was luxury (compared to many of the places we stayed in...)! We shopped, took massages and had some really great last days in Bangkok before we returned to Norway! We had one very uncomfortable night on the floor in the Heathrow airport before returning to Oslo, but one night was fine for me!

And now I am back in Norway! I returned to Norway on the 28th of March and it is weird to be back! It was really great to see friends and family but i still missing backpacking :D
PLUS I have to think forward and in less than 2 WEEKS I am going to NEW YORK to visit SORINA (!!!!), LIZ (!!!) AND ALEX SMALL (!!!) and I can't wait :D

And right now I am in our cabin in the mountains having a typical (for me) Easter Holiday with the family! And I am really enjoying it!

But unfortunately in May I have to start working again :(

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter wherever you are <3

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  1. IDA! Oh, my God, your adventures sound SO incredible...must be nice and also kind of sad to be home - but it was all well worth it, right? I can't believe you've been gone for like three months, and it's been that long since I've seen you! I wish SO badly I could come up to the East coast to be with you/Sorina/Alex/Liz...but I'll be done with this semester in FOUR WEEKS omg. next time (there WILL be a next time)!

    love love love love love,