Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Koh Tao

So I am lousy at updating my blog! Sorry for this!

From Siem Riep we took a bus to the border and it was packed! there was no luggage space under the bus (as there usually is) so all the backpacks were pressed behind the backseat and there were even some backpacks in the aisle! Crossing the border was no problem at all (we had heard some horror stories but it went fine!) we had fixed our visa in Phnom Pehn to get a longer visa than 15 days (that you get on the border) and it turned out that we actually got 2 MONTHS! I only thought we got one...
When having crossed the border into Thailand we took a comfortable minibus instead of a crowded bus! that was nice! The minibus stopped close to khao san road were we found a cheap guesthouse for the night! did some shopping on that street and i ended up sending lots of stuff home from bangkok (some of the stuff had been bought just the night before and most of it had been stuff i had been carrying around for a while...) so now i have better space in my backpack :)
We spent one night in bangkok and the next day we fixed our tickets to get down to the islands! we even payed for the place where we were going to dive and sleep! and that turned out to be great!
CARABAO DIVING RESORT has been such a great place to get our diving license! When we first arrived to Carabao a girl, who worked there greated us and she turned out to be Norwegian! her name is thea and she has been so great! after we finished our diving licence we went on a so called FUN DIVE with her! and it was great!

DIVING is amazing! it is so interesting to see different kinds of fish and how they live underwater! (that was a bad explanation) BUT it is really a great experience! and you never know what you are going to see! when we were 24 meters under water we saw saddleback clownfish (almost nemo) and our teacher john said that he had never seen them there before! so that really cool!

We enjoyed diving so much that we took an ADVANCED ADVENTURE course! it consisted of 5 different dives. 2 of them were: deep dive (we are now certified to go diving down to 30 METERS!) and the other a night dive (I almost did not sign up for the course because i was so scared of this dive but it turned out to be really cool!) when ascending to water surface it was dark and we could see all the stars in the sky! it was really nice!

Tommorrow will be our last day here on Koh Tao! and we have decided to go fun diving again because we want to do it once more before we leave Koh Tao!
The next place we are headed might be Ko Phangan but we are not sure yet!

Hope all is well!

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